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You want to do discovery yourself.

Tailor researches and organise leads into prospects to grow your ultimate partner base.

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Breezy Self-serve

  • Credit-based discovery tailored to your budget
  • Sort, filter & categorise Leads into Prospects
  • Size, audience & overlap data on every Lead
  • Find affiliate, content marketing & PR Prospects
  • Find relevant brands to partner with
  • Uncover a Lead’s current partners
  • Analyse competitors’ existing partnerships
  • Target partners by geography
  • View top pages visited by your target market
  • Prospect contact information (3 credits per contact)
  • Access to live chat email support

Breezy Assisted


  • Dedicated Discovery Success Manager
  • Advanced searches tailored to your needs
  • Bespoke discovery dashboard built for you
  • Prospect identified to meet requested volume targets
  • Discover top players & rising stars


  • Contact information provided for Prospects
  • Email setup
  • Sequence creation
  • Outreach automation & optimisation