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We remove the hassle from finding prospects, so you can focus on generating successful partnerships

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Life before Breezy

The average affiliate or partnership manager spends 35% of their time sourcing new partners! Are you a manager grimacing at the thought?

  • Attending conferences
  • Analysing competitors
  • Searching your affiliate network
  • Sifting social networks
  • Googling again and again
  • Posting content to generate requests
Illustration of an overworked manager
Eugh! This is taking up too much of my time

Life after Breezy

Our automated discovery engine helps you find and organise relevant partners (way) more quickly, all in one place.

  • Partner discovery is easy breezy
Illustration of a happy manager
Yay! You’ll have freed up time for management

How it works

Find partners in a few simple steps

  1. Tell us information—like your competitors and keywords—to guide our search
  2. Hit ‘Run Search’, and make a cup of tea while we do the hard work
  3. Sort, discard, prioritise, and tag thousands of prospect results

Most businesses struggle to navigate the vast longtail of marketing partnership opportunities.

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Turbocharge your partnerships

What makes Breezy so awesome?

Settings iconThe most tailored discovery engine ever

We distilled our vast experience finding relevant partners into the most tailored discovery solution ever built.

Rocket iconUnlimited partner opportunities

We don’t source partners from just one network because they could be anywhere. We search the whole web.

Shapes iconWe cater for a wide range of partners

From traditional affiliates to influencers to complimentary businesses, we uncover relevant partners of all shapes and sizes.

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Making your partnership discovery a breeeeze
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