We are Breezy. And we make your partnership discovery a breeze.

The average partnership manager earns around £38K per year and spends around 35% of their time on partner discovery. That’s £13,300 and 584 hours spent on discovery per person every year!

Meanwhile, millions of e-commerce businesses are missing out on the benefits of partnerships altogether because they just don’t know where to start.

We want to change that. So, we built the world’s most tailored partner discovery engine ever.

Breezy makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to discover relevant partnership opportunities that can actually pay off – leaving you free to focus on making your partnerships a success.

Keyword-based search
Keyword-based search

As a growth channel, partnerships now exceeds paid search

Keyword-based search

High-growth brands are 3x more likely to use partnerships as part of their overall strategy

Keyword-based search

More than 2,000 strategic alliances are formed each year

The founders

After years of working in partnerships, seasoned entrepreneurs Alex Philips and Alex Polyakov became frustrated with the constant time, money and brain-power being sucked into the never-ending hunt for partners.

avatar bgAlex Phillips

Alex Phillips


After more than 6 years managing affiliate and partnership channels for multiple late-stage scaleups, Alex is passionate about sharing the power of partnerships with every business, manager and founder. After managing partners at Transferwise, he founded affiliate and partnership agency Afill.

avatar bgAlex Polyakov

Alex Polyakov


Alex has over 10 years’ experience developing software for the partnerships sector, with previous roles including tracking at Adbloom and AM Navigator. After running an agency focused on building and integrating affiliate and partnership tracking systems, Alex realised that there isn’t currently any technology focused on solving the discovery problem. So, he couldn’t resist rising to the challenge!

One day, Alex P. said to (the other) Alex P.:

Imagine a world where finding your ideal partnership opportunities was way less complicated. What if there was a way to map partnerships everywhere, ingrain best practices and support every partnership type.

A way to enable anyone to build successful partnerships all in one powerful platform?

And the rest was history!


To bring our vision to life Breezy will...

Do for Partner Discovery what LinkedIn did for employee recruitment.

Do for Partnership Management what Slack did for team collaboration.

Who is Breezy for?

Our customers are a diverse range of partnership managers, marketing managers, CEOs, growth managers and founders who are looking to self-grow their business.

Businesses who manage partnerships in-house

250k+ businesses use self-service SaaS tools to track their partnership programs. They’re currently handling the tedious process of discovery and outreach from scratch. Enter Breezy!


Businesses who feel underserved by networks

750k+ businesses use affiliate networks. These only cater to a limited portion of (often irrelevant) opportunities, so businesses risk losing out on other more relevant prospects. That’s where Breezy comes in.

On Network

Businesses considering launching a partnership channel

Millions of e-commerce businesses don’t yet use partnerships to grow: “Is it worth the cost and time commitment?” “Are there even relevant partners out there to justify it?” Breezy can answer those questions to help you make the call.


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